Innovative CAEMAX system for measuring power in vehicle testing

CAEMAX has developed an innovative system for performing non-contact power measurements on vehicles, which requires no additional sensors to acquire the rotation angle. The detection of rotation angle and torque is completely integrated into the robust, watertight housing. Thus, the system is ideal for mobile use.

The power transmitted during actual driving is an important parameter to quantify the efficiency of drivetrains. The drivetrain power is calculated from the torque and rpm of the shaft. During the test drive, the rpm acquisition on drive shafts, in particular, poses a particular challenge: standard optical and electromagnetic methods for measuring rotation angle only tolerate slight deviations in the distance between stator head and shaft and are sensitive to dirt and moisture in the environment.

Thus, CAEMAX integrates an innovative MEMS-based rpm sensor system into an easily installed shaft housing, which already contains the telemetry electronics as well as the components for the intelligent inductive power supply. The system calculates the mechanical power online from torque and rpm and outputs it conveniently as an additional measurement variable.