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Company Profile

imc - productive testing

By focusing on test & measurement productivity, imc Meßsysteme GmbH creates tools which empower engineers to deploy data acquisition systems and test strategies efficiently, meeting the test and measurement challenges of development departments today, as well as tomorrow.

Specializing in an integrated approach to physical test and measurement, imc solutions are well suited for mixed signal testing of complex mechanical and electromechanical systems. In these situations, test engineers demand flexibility and scalable capabilities, especially when a company understands that testing productivity is all about the efficient use of testing resources.

From mobile and in-vehicle testing, to autonomous field data recording; from small modular component test stands to customized turnkey automation systems, imc solutions and services are geared to meet customers’ test and measurement challenges: imc’s family of integrated signal conditioning and real-time hardware, combined with software analysis and test management products encompass all aspects of the measurement and control work flow, from signal conditioning, real-time analysis and control, to automated test control and report generation.

Continuing a tradition of 30 years of hardware and software development inspired by the innovation of our customers, imc’s adaptive approach to product development is guided by users in a range of industries including ground transportation, such as cars, commercial vehicles, and trains; to aerospace, power generation, and civil engineering.

When it comes to supporting the innovations of our customers, we are strongly committed to providing them with optimal measurement solutions. This is why we have around 250 employees in Berlin, Friedrichsdorf and Stuttgart …  and about 25 partners worldwide.

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imc - Facts

  • Founded in 1988
  • Owner-managed company
  • Head office and production in Berlin, Germany and subsidiaries in Benelux, China, France, Hungary and USA 
  • Approximately 250 employees
  • Over 100 patents